Friday, October 29, 2004

History in the Making....

Red Sox have finally won the World Series! After a four game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston Red Sox have broken the curse that has followed them since 1918. The Sox won during the Lunar Eclipse on October 27, 2004. Congratulations Boston!!!! Ahhhh, sweet victory! Just a quick little tidbit---Boston Red Sox are obviously from Massacusetts, which is where John Kerry is from, and they won in Busch Stadium. I think it is ironic, and it will be even more so when Kerry wins on Election Day. Kerry just has to win, and that bastard Bush needs to be 86ed out of The White House.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Day of Fun & More Fun in Weeks to Come

Today, John & I are getting together with our friends from a group called Adventure Club. We will first go play Russian Volleyball, but I will not participate in this activity because I don't like getting hit by the ball. Next we will go play Laser Tag than Taboo (a board game) and finally, to sum up the events, we will play a game of Adventure Club Trivia. Questions are provided by my Boo Boo. Afterwards, we will see if anyone wants to get some dinner. It will be a fun day!

On October 30th, John & I will be going to a friends Halloween Party. I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I'm sure it will be fun. I think we are doing a Pumpkin Carving Contest. I will try to do my Winnie the Pooh pumpkin head that I did 5 or 6 years ago. That's a cute one!

Ahhh and no Blog is complete without the mentioning of the upcoming election on November 2nd. I can't wait to vote that bastard out of the White House. I wish the narrow-minded people who keep supporting him could see the blood on his hands. I don't know how anyone could be so pig-headed! The man sent us into a WAR without thinking the whole process through. Over a thousand of our US soldiers are dead! In addition to the US soldiers, we have hundreds of more deaths from people of other countries as well. Can't these Right-Wing Republicans see this or are they simply closing their eyes and taking a deaf ear to this horrendous tragedy?!? What is wrong with people in this world today? I hope enough people vote the right person into the White House, or God help us all!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Tonight, Boo Boo and I will eat ice cream from Dairy Queen. Yummy, yummy, yummy---I got love in my tummy. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Amanda & Joed's Wedding

John and I went to our friends' wedding yesterday, October 9, 2004. It was a very sweet but quick ceremony at a church in Broomfield. Later on the reception took place at the Holiday Inn at 120th and I-25, Thorton. Amanda looked beautiful in her dress, and Joed looked very handsome in his tux. John and I mostly hung out with our other friend and mutual friend to Amanda and Joed----Jackie! We had fun! I had a little toe nail injury during the Electric Slide when John accidentally stepped on my foot. It's okay Boo Boo, I know you didn't mean it. Amanda has a very big extended family. Nevertheless, it was a fun night and Amanda and Joed are off to Mexico, near Cancun, on Tuesday for their Honeymoon. Ah, the best part of getting married is the stress reliever of the Honeymoon at the end.