Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Cedric celebrated his second Christmas on Thursday, December 25th with his mommy and daddy. He was very excited to get a train set...he likes to play with a similar set at Barnes and Noble. His set is made by Imaginarium, but the other set is Thomas the Train. Imaginarium was less expensive and nicer than the Thomas the Train set. Although, we like the trains better from Thomas. He is so cute, and it keeps him busy for a while. He also got a small basketball hoop(we haven't opened it yet), a monkey that teaches about tying your shoe and such, clothes, ornaments, books, extra trains that were Thomas the Trains, a teddy bear named Thorton, and a turtle nightlight that shows the star constellations on the ceiling. He also got some money from his Grandparents in NY and a Babies R' Us gift card from his Uncle Mike and Aunt Carolann in NY. He still hasn't received anything yet from his Aunt Pammy or from his Aunt Susan & Uncle Al.

I got John Lego Mindstorms(HE LOVES IT!), two more Gorillaz dolls, a Bender decoration, some Nintendo vinyl characters(Mario & Luigi), a board game called The New Taboo, candy, a bear reading to two baby bears, a few ornaments, pictures I had done of Cedric and I at Kiddie Kandids, and I think that is it.

John bought me my very own iMac computer(I LOVE IT!), a Domo doll(he's cute), candy, Animal Crossing for the Wii, Lego Batman, Twilight the book, a JK Rowling book that was referenced in Harry Potter but not part of the series, an ornament, and I think that is it.

At around 1:30pm, we went over to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with them. Cedric got an Elmo Live(which he loves), clothes, more Thomas Trains(although neither one works for the set he has...oh well), Mr. Potato Head family pack(we haven't opened it yet), college money, books, and some other odds and ends. His Uncle Kevin was the other Thomas the Train person who gave Cedric a train that didn't work for his set although he received that gift yesterday. Cedric's Uncle Kevin wasn't in attendance for Christmas festivities on Christmas day. He was celebrating Christmas in Breckenridge with his new wife who his from Russia. The whole thing is another story that I'll talk about another day in one of my blogs.

The next day, Friday...John, Cedric, and I went out to buy gifts with our Christmas money. I bought Sims 2 for my new iMac computer, John bought a topcoat(actually it's just a nice, warm coat for those cold winter days), and Cedric bought some more Thomas the Trains. All in all we had a very, nice Christmas, but I perfer the John, Cedric, and me part more than the lack of ethusiam family events. Plus, I think I'm going to tell my brothers to stop buying presents for me and just buy them for Cedric and his new brother. Apparently, my siblings have no idea what I like and the kind of person I am.

John, Cedric, and I continued our shopping on Saturday with more Thomas the Trains for Cedric, nursing bras and containers for me, and a container for John's Lego Mindstorm pieces. John also bought a couple of cd's yesterday and I think he is going to spend the rest on a pair of new jeans.

Christmas has come and gone, and I'm so looking forward to 2009. We will have a new president, a new baby, hopefully everyone stays healthy(I don't want to lose someone close to me in 2009), and the economy improves. We will be started the new year off with a visit from two of our NY friends, Chris and Theresa...that should be fun. I wish a Happy 2009 to everyone! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jingle Bell Rock

I was having fun with our new game for the Nintendo Wii called Wii Music. I had John, Cedric, Baby Boo, and I do an a capella quartet to Jingle Bell Rock. I think it came out pretty well, and we all look cute.