Saturday, July 24, 2004

Harmony and Melody

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My Story So Far

     I set-up this Blog to capture my moments in time, and the moments I look forward to down the road.  To start it off briefly, I'm originally from New York, but I now live in Colorado.  I have also lived in Virginia for a couple of years and Missouri for another couple of years.  I moved to Colorado when I was nine, and I moved to Virginia after I graduated college.  From Virginia, I went on to Missouri and eventually moved back to Colorado in 1998.  The one thing I miss the most about not living in New York anymore is the ocean.  I love the ocean!  My family and I used to go to Jones Beach, Robert Moses National Park, and Fire Island a lot.  We also had a boat, and we went to different bays on Long Island.  It was great, and I cherish every memory I have of it.
     I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and a minor in Visual Arts.  I love the arts, but I especially love to draw and paint.  I'm currently painting murals on one of my bedroom walls for when my husband and I have a future bambino.  I am doing a Winnie the Pooh theme, because the innocence and sweetness of this little bear of very little brain makes me smile.  
     Like I said above, after I graduated, I spent time in Virginia.  I worked at a day care with infants and preschool children.  It was a nice day care located on a large piece of land with a large house built in 1890 (It held the office for the center) and several individual cottages sheltering individual age groups.  The house was haunted.  In fact a lot of the old houses in this area were haunted.  I personally never saw a ghost, but I felt like I was being watched whenever I went to the third floor staff lounge.  Also the air was a lot thicker on this floor than it was anywhere else.  I never felt afraid just intrigued.  Another great feature of this day care was taking the babies on walks to see the center's own farm animals.  It was a nice place for a day care.
     I was living with my parents in Virginia, because I couldn't afford to move out.  I had no choice but to move to a place I could afford, so I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1996 to try to embark on a new adventure of my own.  This was a very lonely time in my life.  I was living in a new area and the closest person I knew lived three hours away.  I wish it was closer, but three hours was going to be the best I could do for awhile.  I was able to find a job right away working at a telecommunications center setting up conference calls.  Not a very exciting job, but I did make some good friends.  I lived downtown my first year in Missouri, because I always wanted the experience of living in a city.  It was different but that's about it. 
     I moved to Independence my second year and after a few months of living in my new apartment, I wanted to have company.  I bought two Scottish Fold kittens from a breeder that lived nearby.  Harmony and Melody were born on January 24, 1998.  I had to wait awhile to actually have them come live with me, because the breeder takes care of having the cats spayed and making sure they receive all their shots for the first year of life.  They were finally mine when they were five months old.  They were the cutest little, fluff balls you have ever seen.  It took them a week to get use to me as their new mom.  It didn't take long for them to bond, and I started a new phase in my life as a pet owner.  I've had pets growing up, but I was never the official "mom".
     During the month of August of 1998, I moved back to Colorado with Harmony and Melody to embark on another new adventure.  My family had already moved back to Colorado from Virginia a year and a half earlier, so I wasn't going back to an empty place.  I had family close by again!  I lived with my parents a few months while I tried to find a job and a place to live.  I worked a lot of temp jobs before I finally found a permanent job as a secretary at a mortgage company.  I stayed for a couple of months, but I ended up working at a day care again taking care of infants.  I was much happier with the babies than where I was.  I also found a place to live.  It was a brand new apartment, and I was back on my own again.
     I started the job at the day care in May of 1999 and I stayed until September of 2000.  During this time, I went back to school in January of 2000 to receive my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  I was on my way to become an elementary school teacher.  I quit the day care to work at a school as a child's aide for the middle school and high school.  It was the school I went to from 8th grade to 12th grade.  It was my favorite school, because it was the only school I attended where I felt like I belonged. 
     I went back to the day care part-time to make extra money while I worked in the school.  I was sad when the job ended in May of 2001, but I couldn't continue on to next year.  I was about to start student teaching in the fall.  
     I met a guy that summer, and we started a relationship.  It didn't work out.  He broke up with me after six months of dating.  At the time, I was devastated.  However, I can't help but to look back now and realize what a jerk he was.  The best example I can think of for this is when he invited me to come over to spend time together.  The phone rang and two of his female friends asked him to come and meet them at the bar down the street, and he went.  He didn't seem to understand why I was upset, and I wish I was an emotionally stronger person at the time, because I would have ended the relationship right at that moment.  Instead he eventually ended it the weekend after Thanksgiving of 2001.  Despite all his short comings, the best thing he ever did for me was to break-up.  That was my biggest gain, because I found a great man two months later. 
     On November 1, 2001 I lost my sweet baby, Melody.  She got very sick and I had her at the vet trying to see if they could help her, but sadly she lost the battle.  I miss her everyday, but I'm thankful to still have her sister.  That's really all I want to say about that.   
     Needless to say, I was at a rough point in my life.  November was a bad month for me.  I was grieving over a lost pet, I was unemployed, and I was dumped.  I was struggling to keep my head up, but I tried.  
     I met my husband January 12, 2002.  We met a week earlier online, and we started dating.  I finally found someone to love me as much as I love them.  On April 18, 2004, we got married and we are enjoying every moment we have together.  In between our dating and engagement, I graduated with my Masters in May of 2002.  I started working as a teacher in August of 2002 in a combined classroom of 4th/5th graders for my first year of teaching.  For my second year of teaching, I worked as a substitute teacher.  This year I'm waiting to see what will be in store for me.  I can only imagine!