Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

38 Weeks Pregnant Today

This is me a week ago when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I'm ready for Baby Boo #2 to come. I can wait until April! I prefer that he is born in April, so he can have his own birthday month separate from Cedric. Each day I get more and more uncomfortable. I barely get much sleep anymore, and everything is getting on my last nerve. John doesn't always understand, because he is a man and he is not pregnant. Plus, I love Cedric dearly and I love the closeness of breastfeeding, but lately I can't stand it. It hurts too much and it is causing too much over stimulation. Hopefully, that feeling will change after I'm pregnant. I think the hormones are going haywire, and my uncomfortable body is causing me to go insane. The picture below is how I'm feeling right now.

Cedric's 2nd Birthday

Cedric turned 2 years old on March 19, 2009. I can't believe my baby is already 2. They grow up so fast...Cedric's next big milestone is becoming a big brother very soon. Cedric started off his birthday by going to one of his favorite places, My Gym. I take him there every week, and he was doing a make-up class that happened to fall on his actual birthday.

Later on, we took Cedric to the Downtown Aquarium for some birthday celebration. He loved looking at all the fish, and we ate dinner next to a giant fish tank. The food wasn't that great, but the experience made it all worth it. Here are some pictures from the aquarium below.

Cedric had a caricature picture done of him.

I loved the area where the tanks with the sharks were. I could have stayed there all day just watching all the different fish swim back and forth.

"Can I have one of these, please?"


"Um, these fish are a lot bigger than Elmo's Dorothy!"

Me eating some bread in front of the fish tank...look at all of those fish. Cedric loved it.

Cedric giving his winning smile while he eats some dinner.

Cedric and I in front of some aquarium decor.

John and Cedric caught in a bubble.

A different perspective of John, Cedric, and me. Look at my very round belly.

Cedric wandering through the aquarium mesmerized by all the fish tanks that surrounded him.

On March 21st, we had a birthday party for Cedric with his friends and family there to celebrate with him. We had pizza and cake. It was an Elmo themed party with an Elmo cake that I made.

"I have cake!"

Cedric enjoying his birthday cake with his cousin, James in the background.

The Elmo cake I made.

Cedric with one of his girlfriends named Bella.

Pizza and chatting: (l to r) Grandma, Me, Johanna, Arthur, and Jackie

Cedric got his tricycle from his grandparents, and he loves it. Although, his little feet don't reach the pedals completely yet.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baby Boo #2's Room

The furniture is bought and the murals are on the wall...Baby Boo #2's nursery is complete, well except for a couple of minor touches here and there. I think the walls need more decorations, but that will all come in good time. He also needs his name up on the wall and door, but his name is a secret until he is born. John, Cedric, and I along with Grandma and Grandpa are going to the Kid's Expo downtown today. Hopefully, we can find some cute stuff there that we can add to the room decor.

I'm excited that I have less than six weeks to go. Last time I went to the midwife, she told me the baby is laying in a transverse position, which means he is lying across my belly instead of being head down. The baby still has time to turn, but it makes me nervous because I do not want a C-Section. I need to be able to take care of two kids and major surgery puts a huge kink in that. I'm going to see the Chiropractor on Thursday...hopefully he can do an adjustment that will encourage the baby to go head down. I also have my next prenatal appointment on Friday, so they might due an ultrasound to see exactly how the baby is laying.

Pictures of the nursery are below. We found the furniture set at Babies R' Us...we liked it. We did shop around to see what else was out there, but that furniture was more pricey although it looked nice. I think this furniture not only looks nice but it was more reasonably priced. I call this theme, "Monkey by the Sea". More pictures will soon follow, especially if we have another ultrasound...I will post those pictures of the baby.