Thursday, December 30, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR---2005!!!

"2005" is finally here! Well not really, since we have two more days but soon enough. I'm working on figuring out what I can do to make this year successful! My biggest goal for this year is to get pregnant. I really want a baby, and I want to be able to give Boo Boo a Baby Boo. John will be a great father, and I know we will be great parents for our future offspring.

Another goal I want to work on is doing more art. I've kind of slacked off in this area, and I want to change that. I already have one project I'm going to be working on for the Adveture Club Interpretive Christmas, but I need to do more.

I also want to give more to people and animals in need. This is a joint effort between Boo Boo and I. I know we can do this!

I also want to enjoy life more and not take things so seriously. It is a fault of mine, and I've been working on this for awhile. What can I say---I'm a work in progress!

I need to exercise more and stay in good shape, especially for Baby Boo. Unfortunately, that includes cutting way-way back on the sweets! I have to refrain from eating chocolate while I'm trying to get pregnant. Caffeine is in chocolate, and the experts say to cut back on caffeine when you are trying to get pregnant. I don't drink coffee or caffeinated soda so the only logical solution is to eliminate chocolate! So sad!

For now, that is all I can think of, but I think it is enough! If I come up with more to add I will...stayed tuned to see!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ross Family Christmas 2004
Everyone got together on my side of the family for Christmas---It was very nice! I was so glad that my brother, Michael, could attend. He has distanced himself for several years away from the family, but it seems he is making a turn for the better.
In the picture above we have:
Top from left to right: My mom holding Ariel, Kevin, & Michael
Middle from left to right: My dad holding Angel, Andy, Shannon(sister-in-law), James, & Chris
Bottom from left to right: Boo Boo & Yogi

Friday, December 24, 2004

Our 1st Christmas Married

Today is Christmas Eve, and Boo Boo and I are getting excited about opening our Christmas presents tomorrow. This is our third Christmas together, and I couldn't think of anyone else in the world that I rather spend Christmas with. I love my Boo Boo, and I love our little family we have with our cats. We hope that by next Christmas we can include a Baby Boo in the picture. Merry Christmas, Boo Boo!:)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Cimbi's Bath

There once was a kitty named Cimbi, and he smelled very bad.

You see, Cimbi has been wearing a cone around his head. The unfortunate event came about because he has been gnawing at his tail. The excessive licking and chewing has made him bald in the back and has caused open sores. Let it be known that we have taken him to the Vet with this problem, and they suggested the cone. We love our pets and wouldn't let them go through any pain. Just so that is clear!

Moving along---Cimbi was a very sad looking individual!

Cimbi stunk up a storm, because he can't clean himself, and Harmony will have nothing to do with this predicament. So Boo Boo and I had to give him a bath, so he can smell sweetly clean like all cats should. The End!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Reminiscing and It Feels So Good...

I just thought I would post this picture of John and I, because I think it is cute. This picture was taken in 2002 at Mount Rushmore. We had only been together for four months. It was so much fun, and I can't wait til we go road tripping again...This time New York! Start spreading the news...

I just wanted to Blog about the love of my life, Boo Boo. He is a very sweet and wonderful man, and he always makes me smile. That is all I really wanted to say...Oh yeah, I can't wait to spend my first Christmas as a married woman. Only 12 more days to go!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

John and I at my Christmas party at the Traildust Steakhouse.

Christmas Party #2

Tonight, John and I went to my Christmas party with the Goddard school. It was fun! We went to Traildust Steakhouse, and we enjoyed some good food. We hung out with Jessica & Jason and Kellie & Brandon. I work with Kellie and Jessica, so it was cool that we sat together. We also had an ornament exchange, and I received a ball ornament with a snowman on it and it said, "God Bless America".

It was fun, and I got to introduce my Boo Boo to the people I work with. Now he knows what kind of people I'm with everyday---ooooo, scary! :) Just kidding!

Christmas parties are done! Now lets celebrate with friends and family---whooooo...13 more days til Christmas!

Nintendo DS Failure

Boo Boo and I tried to buy, the impossible to find, Nintendo DS today. No luck again! We could possible get our hands on it, if Borders works out, on Friday. I called them today and they let me reserve two systems, so we will see. I made the analogy that trying to get the Nintendo DS is like me trying to get pregnant---Close but no cigar! Aughhhhh! Is it Friday, yet?!?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yogi and Boo Boo at the Taliant Christmas Party. Posted by Hello

Christmas Party Weekend

Last night was John's Taliant Christmas Party. It was very fun! Much better than last year because I actually know some of the people John works with, so I didn't feel completely overwhelmed. Of course, my favorite thing all evening was the chocolate fountain....mmmmmm, yum.

Afterwards, we went to pick-up our car from the valet, and the guy couldn't get into the car. We followed him to where are car was and John's key fob no longer worked. Aughhhh! John's key only starts the car it doesn't get into the car, because he had the starter replaced a couple of years ago. John thought he could throw away the keys that actually get into the car, because he thought the new key to start the car would also work to get into the car. Yeah, he should have checked to see if the new key worked before he threw out the old keys. That's my Boo Boo!;-)

Anyway, long story short, we ended up taking the light rail to the Mineral station, and my mom picked us up. We didn't have our house key with us and thankfully my parents have a spare key. Errgggg....what an evening!

Today, we had to go to the VW dealership to see if they can make a new key fob. Well, they can't unless they have both keys. The guy we were talking to seemed a little overwhelmed (probably still new to the job), but another guy had a name of a locksmith that could help us. Thankfully the stars were aligned for us this morning, because the locksmith was close by to the hotel when John called him. The locksmith met us at the hotel, and he made a new key. All for under a hundred dollars. The locksmith had a cute miniature pincher in his van named Rosco. Very cute! Took some ease off the annoying situation that was quickly fixed. John and I were on our way thanking our lucky stars!

Tomorrow night is my job's Christmas party. We are having it at the Traildust Steakhouse, so that will be nice. Hopefully, John and I will have a little less drama at my Christmas party. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cold November Snow

It is snowing like crazy outside! Very cold, wintry day to snuggle up with my Boo Boo and watch movies on the tv.

Yesterday was a fun day because John and I and our friend, Jackie, went to The Denver Zoo. We had a lot of fun and we didn't have to deal with a lot of people, because it was cold outside. My favorite highlight was the baby lion cubs---they were so cute! I wanted to see the baby gorilla, but she was inside with her mama. They can't have the male gorillas out with the mama gorilla and the baby at the same time, so they alternate them. Otherwise the male gorillas will kill the baby---sad! However, one of the male gorillas was very entertaining to watch. He was sitting on a spindle-looking seat next to the glass, and he kept making funny faces. He even stuck his tongue out at Jackie! Hehehehe, cute!

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Claim Jumper restaurant---a place of humiliation for me on April 17, 2004 (My Bachelorette Party). Nevertheless, a great restaurant to go to that has good fun and a Colorado-like atmosphere. Later on, we all played Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Gamecube---Jackie's favorite character--Yoshi, John's favorite character--between Link and Donkey Kong, and I prefer Kirby and Pikachu.

On Friday, we went out with my friend from work, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Jason. We went to the Molly Brown house---interesting place with a strong presence throughout. Later on, we ate at New York on 17th, but it is no longer named that. They decided six weeks ago to change it to an Italian restaurant---no longer our favorite place to go for a little bit of back home anymore. Afterwards, we went to see a movie called "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage. It was a surprisingly, good movie, and we got to see it for free. Jessica's brother works at a movie theatre, and he gives her free passes all the time. Nice perk!

Anyway, that is my weekend! Today is all about the cuddling to stay warm!:)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving 2004

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we had a great time! My brother, Michael was there which was a nice surprise. I hadn't seen him since my wedding, so I was glad to see the whole family together again. Chris, Shannon, and James came over for dessert. They had Thanksgiving dinner with Shannon's family. They do that every year and they come to my parent's house for Christmas dinner. It works out. I wonder what John and I will do when we have kids. How we will juggle the holidays between our families. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving---One more month until Christmas. Yeah!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It's snowing outside today! Boo Boo and I are going to spend this lovely day together---building a snowman, making snow angels....hehehe, just kidding! However, we are going to put up our Christmas Tree, put our reindeer on our lawn, bake brownies(mmmmmm...), run some much needed tasks, and snuggle together. Only 5 more days before Thanksgiving and then Christmas will only be a month away. Hurrah! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Yogi & Boo Boo Celebrating! Posted by Hello

Boo Boo's Birthday

On November 10, 2004---Boo Boo celebrated his 28th birthday! I bought him a Cosmo stuffed doll, Cosmo boxer shorts, and a Cosmo and Wanda pillow for his chair at work. Cosmo and Wanda are from a show called the "Fairly Odd Parents". We like the show, and John relates well to Cosmo. Anyway, we went to dinner at Old Chicago, and John later talked to his family on the phone. They called to wish him a Happy Birthday. On Friday, the 12th, we went to White Fence Farm with my parents and brother, Andy. Brewster's birthday was also on the 10th, he turned one. We had fun celebrating than John and I went home for some quiet time together. On the 13th, we went to Castle Rock to participate in the filming of the next Adventure Club movie called the "Fashion of the Christ". A light-hearted version of "Passion of the Christ". We had a lot of fun, and John and I look forward to the next Adventure Club on December 5th where we get to design our own Barbie attire and make an ornament. Yeah, Christmas is coming!!!!! My favorite holiday!:)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

My Trip to the ER

Yesterday, November 6th, I was in a lot of pain. My body was going into shock from all the cramps, vomiting, and the whatnots that I kept having. After I went to the bathroom again for the umpteenth time I broke out in a cold sweat. I got in the shower to see if that would help me feel better, but it wasn't working. I called for John and I asked him to get me some water. After that, I asked him to call for an ambulance because I felt really bad. The paramedics were at our house in 5 minutes, and they took me to Littleton Hospital. The fireman didn't put the IV in my arm right, so the nurse at the hospital fixed it and gave me a painkiller and anti-nausea meds through the IV. What a difference! The pain gradually diminished, and I started to feel a lot better. Everyone said I was very pale, and my color was eventually improving. The nurse also gave me some oxygen, because the alarm on the machine kept going off. It scared John and my mom when it did it the first time. I still feel really weak today, and the prescriptions they gave me also make you drowsy. I already called in sick to work for tomorrow, so I can have an extra day to recuperate. I'm so glad that day is over, because I was not enjoying feeling that bad. What a week it has been! And to quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip it's been?"

Friday, November 05, 2004

Another Day....

Brewster was being watched by John & I on Saturday, and Cimbi scratched him in self-defense. It is so hard because we watched Brewster to be helpful to Andy, and we end up paying half of the expenses to have Brewster's injured eye fixed. It is so frustrating. John and I will never watched someone's animal or even child at our house again. It is really sad and I hope Brewster is okay, but I'm sorry it has become such a turbulent ride. Never again!!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sweet Melody January 24, 1998-November 1, 2001 Posted by Hello

We Need Hope in this Sea of Sorrow

I just can't believe it! Bush won!!! Why does half of America want a President who is a complete moron? I am so angry and upset about this. I don't know what to say except that I hope Bush learned something from this election, and he most likely didn't. Why, because he is a fucking idiot? I just don't get it! I hang my head in sadness...

I also want to remember my sweet baby, Melody. The anniversary of her death was on November 1st. I got so caught up in the upcoming election that I completely forgot. However, I want to take this time to give homage to Melody who has been gone for 3 years. Melody, I love you and I miss you. Goodbye for now, my sweet Melody.

Friday, October 29, 2004

History in the Making....

Red Sox have finally won the World Series! After a four game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston Red Sox have broken the curse that has followed them since 1918. The Sox won during the Lunar Eclipse on October 27, 2004. Congratulations Boston!!!! Ahhhh, sweet victory! Just a quick little tidbit---Boston Red Sox are obviously from Massacusetts, which is where John Kerry is from, and they won in Busch Stadium. I think it is ironic, and it will be even more so when Kerry wins on Election Day. Kerry just has to win, and that bastard Bush needs to be 86ed out of The White House.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Day of Fun & More Fun in Weeks to Come

Today, John & I are getting together with our friends from a group called Adventure Club. We will first go play Russian Volleyball, but I will not participate in this activity because I don't like getting hit by the ball. Next we will go play Laser Tag than Taboo (a board game) and finally, to sum up the events, we will play a game of Adventure Club Trivia. Questions are provided by my Boo Boo. Afterwards, we will see if anyone wants to get some dinner. It will be a fun day!

On October 30th, John & I will be going to a friends Halloween Party. I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I'm sure it will be fun. I think we are doing a Pumpkin Carving Contest. I will try to do my Winnie the Pooh pumpkin head that I did 5 or 6 years ago. That's a cute one!

Ahhh and no Blog is complete without the mentioning of the upcoming election on November 2nd. I can't wait to vote that bastard out of the White House. I wish the narrow-minded people who keep supporting him could see the blood on his hands. I don't know how anyone could be so pig-headed! The man sent us into a WAR without thinking the whole process through. Over a thousand of our US soldiers are dead! In addition to the US soldiers, we have hundreds of more deaths from people of other countries as well. Can't these Right-Wing Republicans see this or are they simply closing their eyes and taking a deaf ear to this horrendous tragedy?!? What is wrong with people in this world today? I hope enough people vote the right person into the White House, or God help us all!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Tonight, Boo Boo and I will eat ice cream from Dairy Queen. Yummy, yummy, yummy---I got love in my tummy. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Amanda & Joed's Wedding

John and I went to our friends' wedding yesterday, October 9, 2004. It was a very sweet but quick ceremony at a church in Broomfield. Later on the reception took place at the Holiday Inn at 120th and I-25, Thorton. Amanda looked beautiful in her dress, and Joed looked very handsome in his tux. John and I mostly hung out with our other friend and mutual friend to Amanda and Joed----Jackie! We had fun! I had a little toe nail injury during the Electric Slide when John accidentally stepped on my foot. It's okay Boo Boo, I know you didn't mean it. Amanda has a very big extended family. Nevertheless, it was a fun night and Amanda and Joed are off to Mexico, near Cancun, on Tuesday for their Honeymoon. Ah, the best part of getting married is the stress reliever of the Honeymoon at the end.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

How Can Anyone Vote for This Man?!?

Just finished watching the election debates, and I can't help stop thinking how much of an idiot our president is! What planet is this man from? Does he honestly think America is that stupid? I guess whoever votes for him is! I'm so annoyed by his comments, and how he is taking a blind eye to what is happening in Iraq. It is like listening to someone who is a Born-Again Christian talking out of their butt and not answering the questions that are given to them. They have a one track mind, and they get stuck on a tangent that never comes to a conclusion or every answers the questions in the first place. To quote Charlie Brown, "AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" It feels like Lucy just pulled the ball away right when I was about to kick it, and the wind was knocked out of me. That is how I will feel on election day if that man is voted back into office. If he is, I think I will have to move to Canada. Don't get me wrong---I love this country! What I find sad is we unfortunately live in a society of sheepish people. They follow what they think they are suppose to through their narrow mindedness, i.e. "Christianity" and never question why. So sad! I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion, because I am not a sheep.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hello, It's Me

Today is my parents 42nd anniversary. How amazing to be with someone that long! I know that my Boo Boo and I will be married for that long and longer. We are sitting in the office room of our house being nerds. I LOVE HIM SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really have anymore to say right now, but I hope to have new news to talk about soon.

Friday, September 17, 2004

A Cool Song

Here is a cool song from some girl named Mindy Smith. I don't know what the rest of her music sounds like, but I like this song. It reminds me of the music from O' Brother, Where Out Thou? The song is called Come to Jesus, here is the link:

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11th is Still A Sad Day!

I'm not pregnant this time around. I took the test this morning, and I already knew it was going to be negative before my three minutes of wait time was up---I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!!! Oh well, John and I will just have to keep trying. I would have liked to be pregnant, but I can wait and keep trying until it finally happens. John and I will eventually be parents, it just might take a couple of tries. Besides, I know the odds are low the first time you try. Only a 15-25% chance of getting pregnant on the first try. I can't be too sad about it! Now if I was trying for a year, and I still wasn't pregnant, than I have room to be sad. I cried about it, but I think my hormones have gotten the best of me this month. I'm going to try and think positive and not let this get to me. I need to keep thinking, "If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!" :)

Monday, September 06, 2004

Future Parents to Be  Posted by Hello

Is What I Feel Really There?

I have been feeling some very obvious symptoms, but it is too soon to test to find out for sure. I have been reading lots of information on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I've been feeling occasional light cramps in the lower abdomen for a week and my period is a week away....hmmmm! I've also have had tender breast for a week, and I've been more sentimental/emotional than I usually am. I've also been peeing more and feeling very tired. All symptoms of early pregnancy. Could it really be Baby Boo starting the long process of growing inside me? I really want it to be true! I'm going to take a test Saturday morning of September 11th. Maybe this day will remind me of when I found out I was having a baby instead of the horrible tragedy that happened three years ago. I can't believe that I'm going to know very soon that John and I might be having a baby. We could be parents in the next nine months----Wow, what an amazing thought!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Sick as a Dog

Here I am feeling like crap after working my first week at my new job. Those babies made me sick, I know. I have a head cold with the headache from hell. All I want is to crawl into bed and sleep this sickness away.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Let the fun begin... Posted by Hello

A Special Night

The time has come to set the stage for a new life that might soon come our way. John and I are going to start trying to have a baby. It won't be long until our Baby Boo is conceived, well...Hopefully it won't be too long. I have a feeling that we shouldn't have any trouble, but you never know. I'm very excited to start trying! John is going to be a great father, and any child we have will be so lucky to have him as a dad. I've been so happy with the way things have been working out for the past couple of years---I met a wonderful man who became my best friend and now husband. It is only normal that the next step is to go for the baby. Although at first it appears scary, I know it will be the best thing that happens to John and I. Baby Boo is coming soon to a Blog near you.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Another Birthday

July 29th marks the day of another birthday that has come and gone, and I am now 32 years old. It was my first birthday as someone's wife, and that is very exciting to me. My husband bought me a paper towel holder, but it is not as bad as it sounds. It is a paper towel holder with two cute bears climbing up on it. He also bought me a small, stuffed animal giraffe to symbolize the not too far off start of having a babyboo of our own. Lastly, he gave me a small Rubik cube, because I liked in when I saw it in the movie "Anchorman". He took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I received cards and presents from family and friends. I was watching my nephew, James on my birthday which was hectic at times. My parent's were moving to their new house that day, so I also had to house sit. It was a little much watching an active 11 month old baby and waiting around a house for furniture to arrive. I was so glad when the evening came around so I could spend time with my husband and to joyfully celebrate my birthday. We had a great time just being together!
On July 30th, we went to the movies to see "The Village". Despite the mixed reviews, we liked it. We celebrated on Saturday going to dinner with my parents and younger brother. We are also planning on going to dinner tonight with two of our friends. It was a very nice birthday! Next year, I might have someone else in my life to celebrate my birthday with.;) Hehehehe

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Harmony and Melody

Sweet Babies Posted by Hello

My Story So Far

     I set-up this Blog to capture my moments in time, and the moments I look forward to down the road.  To start it off briefly, I'm originally from New York, but I now live in Colorado.  I have also lived in Virginia for a couple of years and Missouri for another couple of years.  I moved to Colorado when I was nine, and I moved to Virginia after I graduated college.  From Virginia, I went on to Missouri and eventually moved back to Colorado in 1998.  The one thing I miss the most about not living in New York anymore is the ocean.  I love the ocean!  My family and I used to go to Jones Beach, Robert Moses National Park, and Fire Island a lot.  We also had a boat, and we went to different bays on Long Island.  It was great, and I cherish every memory I have of it.
     I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and a minor in Visual Arts.  I love the arts, but I especially love to draw and paint.  I'm currently painting murals on one of my bedroom walls for when my husband and I have a future bambino.  I am doing a Winnie the Pooh theme, because the innocence and sweetness of this little bear of very little brain makes me smile.  
     Like I said above, after I graduated, I spent time in Virginia.  I worked at a day care with infants and preschool children.  It was a nice day care located on a large piece of land with a large house built in 1890 (It held the office for the center) and several individual cottages sheltering individual age groups.  The house was haunted.  In fact a lot of the old houses in this area were haunted.  I personally never saw a ghost, but I felt like I was being watched whenever I went to the third floor staff lounge.  Also the air was a lot thicker on this floor than it was anywhere else.  I never felt afraid just intrigued.  Another great feature of this day care was taking the babies on walks to see the center's own farm animals.  It was a nice place for a day care.
     I was living with my parents in Virginia, because I couldn't afford to move out.  I had no choice but to move to a place I could afford, so I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1996 to try to embark on a new adventure of my own.  This was a very lonely time in my life.  I was living in a new area and the closest person I knew lived three hours away.  I wish it was closer, but three hours was going to be the best I could do for awhile.  I was able to find a job right away working at a telecommunications center setting up conference calls.  Not a very exciting job, but I did make some good friends.  I lived downtown my first year in Missouri, because I always wanted the experience of living in a city.  It was different but that's about it. 
     I moved to Independence my second year and after a few months of living in my new apartment, I wanted to have company.  I bought two Scottish Fold kittens from a breeder that lived nearby.  Harmony and Melody were born on January 24, 1998.  I had to wait awhile to actually have them come live with me, because the breeder takes care of having the cats spayed and making sure they receive all their shots for the first year of life.  They were finally mine when they were five months old.  They were the cutest little, fluff balls you have ever seen.  It took them a week to get use to me as their new mom.  It didn't take long for them to bond, and I started a new phase in my life as a pet owner.  I've had pets growing up, but I was never the official "mom".
     During the month of August of 1998, I moved back to Colorado with Harmony and Melody to embark on another new adventure.  My family had already moved back to Colorado from Virginia a year and a half earlier, so I wasn't going back to an empty place.  I had family close by again!  I lived with my parents a few months while I tried to find a job and a place to live.  I worked a lot of temp jobs before I finally found a permanent job as a secretary at a mortgage company.  I stayed for a couple of months, but I ended up working at a day care again taking care of infants.  I was much happier with the babies than where I was.  I also found a place to live.  It was a brand new apartment, and I was back on my own again.
     I started the job at the day care in May of 1999 and I stayed until September of 2000.  During this time, I went back to school in January of 2000 to receive my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  I was on my way to become an elementary school teacher.  I quit the day care to work at a school as a child's aide for the middle school and high school.  It was the school I went to from 8th grade to 12th grade.  It was my favorite school, because it was the only school I attended where I felt like I belonged. 
     I went back to the day care part-time to make extra money while I worked in the school.  I was sad when the job ended in May of 2001, but I couldn't continue on to next year.  I was about to start student teaching in the fall.  
     I met a guy that summer, and we started a relationship.  It didn't work out.  He broke up with me after six months of dating.  At the time, I was devastated.  However, I can't help but to look back now and realize what a jerk he was.  The best example I can think of for this is when he invited me to come over to spend time together.  The phone rang and two of his female friends asked him to come and meet them at the bar down the street, and he went.  He didn't seem to understand why I was upset, and I wish I was an emotionally stronger person at the time, because I would have ended the relationship right at that moment.  Instead he eventually ended it the weekend after Thanksgiving of 2001.  Despite all his short comings, the best thing he ever did for me was to break-up.  That was my biggest gain, because I found a great man two months later. 
     On November 1, 2001 I lost my sweet baby, Melody.  She got very sick and I had her at the vet trying to see if they could help her, but sadly she lost the battle.  I miss her everyday, but I'm thankful to still have her sister.  That's really all I want to say about that.   
     Needless to say, I was at a rough point in my life.  November was a bad month for me.  I was grieving over a lost pet, I was unemployed, and I was dumped.  I was struggling to keep my head up, but I tried.  
     I met my husband January 12, 2002.  We met a week earlier online, and we started dating.  I finally found someone to love me as much as I love them.  On April 18, 2004, we got married and we are enjoying every moment we have together.  In between our dating and engagement, I graduated with my Masters in May of 2002.  I started working as a teacher in August of 2002 in a combined classroom of 4th/5th graders for my first year of teaching.  For my second year of teaching, I worked as a substitute teacher.  This year I'm waiting to see what will be in store for me.  I can only imagine!