Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm Finally a Mom!

On Monday, March 19, 2007 at 6:44am I became a mommy. My little baby growing inside me for what seems like forever finally made his way into the world. Words can't even describe how much I love this little guy. My heart swells more and more every time I look at him. I can't believe he's mine!

His name is Cedric Shea, and he couldn't wait to meet his mommy and daddy. My labor from start to finish was a little over four hours. That's very quick especially for a first baby. I was starting to worry when we were driving to the hospital that we might not make it. My contractions were coming every one to two minutes. I had no real break in between, and I was hurting. I'm so glad I went into labor at 2:25ish in the morning, because at around 3:30 when we left for the hospital there was no traffic to contend with. John was running the red lights when we were driving through Denver. No cops in sight!:p

Cedric was 7lbs 14.1oz, and he was 20.5 inches long. He is such a content baby, and he is so sweet and lovable. I could tell when I was pregnant that he was a very mellow, observant personality, and it seems to still be that way. He also had a lot of hiccups which he still gets a lot of. He is so cute, and he has mommy and daddy wrapped around his little finger. Cedric is the baby John and I have been dreaming about since we first started trying August of 2004. He's perfect and well worth the wait. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Change Yet

I'm officially to my due date. The midwives had written down today as my due date, but the ultrasound always showed the 17th as my due date. I just kept going by the 17th, because it sounded cool that his birth date could be Saint Patrick's Day. So here we sit in a state of limbo waiting for Cedric to show up...I had cramps again last night, but they went away. It was around the 2 o'clock hour again...poor John! We didn't stay up as long as we did the night before. My contractions weren't as strong, and they were starting to fade. It's so frustrating waiting for the real contractions to start kicking in. Nothing has taken my breath away yet...still waiting for that.

The time is a ticking away...what day will become Cedric's birthday? At this point he is very close to the transition between a Pisces and an Aries. The change occurs from one to the other on March 21st...this is also the first day of Spring! Maybe he just wants to be a Spring baby...who knows? So all John and I can do is sit and wait. It's good to know that they most likely won't let me go past the 25th, since that would be 41 weeks and the last time I saw the midwife she said they don't like to let women go past 41 weeks. The placenta starts to breakdown, because it is only meant to sustain a baby for the length of a pregnancy. You start to get into a danger zone the longer you remain post-term. Hence the reason to induce after a week of being overdue. At this point, we just wait and try to be patient. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Feeling Blue!

Last night I was feeling miserable. I was having tightening that was coming ever 4-6 minutes and lasting about a minute. This went on for over an hour, and when I called the midwife, she said to wait until the contractions take my breath away. Well that hasn't happened yet...I'm so upset about it too. I really want to go into labor today. My back is achy, and I have a slight headache(probably due to lack of sleep). I just want my body to start the process. I need to do more walking today to see if that can help...I just want John and I's sweet baby in my arms, and I want to love on him.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So Tired!

I'm still pregnant, and I'm so tired. I think I get less and less sleep as I get closer to the due date. Only 2 more days to go. I went to the midwife yesterday, and she said I'm doing well and the baby and I look good. My cervix is closed and posterior, but it doesn't mean anything. Once I start having regular contractions than my cervix will start to dilate. She said they won't let me go past 41 weeks. If I do, then they will have to induce me. I would like to go into labor naturally, especially since I've heard that pitocin can make the contractions more painful than they already are. I'm still thinking Cedric just wants to be a Saint Patrick's Day baby...that's why I haven't had any major signs yet. John and I have to do a lot of walking during the rest of the week...let's get this ball rolling. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Waiting!

Becoming more and more pregnant...I can barely move anymore! John put a video of a baby sloth on my myspace, and it's definitely me. I move very slowly, and my muscles ache from head to toe. I need John to give me massages to help with the discomfort. Cedric must be all warm and cozy inside, because he is showing no indication of wanting to come out anytime soon. I'm happy to wait though...I'm still pushing for Saint Patrick's Day, but he can come out anytime he wants. Just please baby try not to come late. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Any Day Now

I can't believe I'm 39 weeks today! We are in the final week before Cedric's due date, and I could go into labor any day. John and I are going to be parents in a very short amount of's so surreal to think about it. Of course, we're very's just so much to take in. Our house is going to have a new person in it, and that's crazy to think about. John and I our going to finally have our little family we've always wanted. We waited so long for Cedric, and now he is almost here. We can't wait to meet you Baby Boo...a.k.a. Cedric.

Harmony and Cimbi are going to have a little baby brother to play with, too. We hope all goes well with nice kitties. Cute! :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Cute Picture

Just a cute picture with a monkey riding a dog's back...they became friends after a flood in Mozambique. The monkey's name is Kiko, and the dog's name is Billy.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

10 More Days to Go!!!!

Imagine combining these two pictures together and you'll get an idea of what Cedric will look like very soon. John is 4 months in his picture, and I'm a year in mine. Only 10 more days left for Cedric to go, and we can't wait to meet him. Of course, he can come at anytime, but I hope he doesn't decide to go later than his due date. March 17th...maybe. :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Frustration Overload

I just feel the need to vent, so I don't drive myself crazy. I was a nanny for a family for a year and a half. I just received my W2's for the 2006 year yesterday. I had to contact the IRS just to get that, because they wouldn't return my calls when I called to ask about it. Why they are behaving this way...I couldn't tell ya. They have a lot of issues! Anyway, I received my W2's, but they aren't complete. They are missing the amount taken out for my State Income Tax. Aughhhhh!!!! I called them again and left a message but no response. I ended up calling the IRS again. They are going to send them another letter. Now, I have to wait for them to respond to this second letter...hopefully, they get it right this time. I wanted to have this taken care before Cedric, but what are ya goin' do. They suck!! :(

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March is Here!!!!

We're finally in Cedric's birth month! All went well with my prenatal appointment yesterday. Cedric sounds great, and the midwife doesn't think I will go past my due date. She won't guess at when he will be born, because she just doesn't know or want to get my hopes up for a particular date. I hope she is right that I won't go past my due date...I'm ready for Cedric to come, but I'm still shooting for Saint Patrick's Day. Plus, John will be all better by then...he has a cold right now. :(

Cedric is just kicking away as I write this. He has his moments throughout the day when he is very active. I can also tell when he is sleeping...he is starting to show patterns of wakefulness and sleep. I'm very exciting that March is finally here...I can't believe how close John and I are to being parents. :)

Our days are numbered, and the countdown has almost entered the single digits. Very exciting! :)