Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Al Franken Show

John and I went to the Al Franken Show in Boulder today. Normally, Al's show broadcasts from the Air America building in New York City. It was very cool meeting him, and we received a sign copy of his book The Truth. Al Franken was also a writer and an actor on Saturday Night Live many years ago. He use to do a character named Stuart Smalley.

Outside the Boulder Theatre where the Al Franken Show took place.

John and I having fun while waiting for the show to start.

Some of the Jefferson County Young Democrats. From left to right: James, Vincen, John, and I.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Denver Chaotic

Today John and I went downtown to go to the Holiday Food & Gift Festival at the Colorado Convention Center. Let me just say the entire trip was a comedy of errors! For starters, we went to our usual parking area at 17th and Lincoln, and there was no place to park. We ended up driving around to find a parking space and got caught up in parade traffic. Who knew there would be a parade downtown today? Aughhh, it was painful trying to get out of the traffic jam. We finally escaped and decided to park in the parking garage at the convention center. We found a space and had to wait in line to pay for our parking. The parking machine was broken, and a guy had to do it manually.

Finally, we make it to the elevators to go into the convention center, but we took an elevator that brings us to the wrong place. We, and a few other people on board, stopped at the level of the festival, but we were on the wrong side of it. A guy who worked there told us to walk through and go through the doors ahead, so we did. Anyway to make a long story short, we ended up getting in for free, because we went in the wrong way and nobody stopped us. The convention center is a fairly, new building. They just redid it a few years ago, and it is extremely confusing. Nothing is marked well! Plus, why would you have an elevator that you can get on from the parking garage and have it go to some off the wall places. I don't get it!!! It was crazy, I tell ya!!!!

To finish it all out---it had overpriced food and the festival just wasn't that good. I guess we won't be going to that overcrowded, overchaotic, and overpriced place again.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Nintendo DS Bundles

John and I finally bought the Nintendo DS. We got the Nintendogs teal and pearl pink bundles. John bought his last Friday, October 28th, and I bought mine Sunday, October 30th. Mine, the pearl pink bundle, was a lot harder to find. Only Toys R' Us had it! John and I had to go to Aurora to get mine, since the Toys R' Us near us was already sold out.

We love playing with our DS! I have two dogs: Chocolate Lab named Hershey, and a German Shepard named BooBoo. John's dogs are: Dachshund named Plummer, and a Beagle named Lelie. Geez, I wonder why he named his dogs those names? Anyway, we can't wait until Mario Kart and Animal Crossing come out in late November and early December. It will be so exciting!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Melody, Sweet Melody

My sweet Melody went to the other side on November 1, 2001. She wasn't even four years old yet, and she went away. Here is a picture of Melody with her sister Harmony. Goodbye my sweet baby.

Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

Once there was a way to get back homeward.
Once there was a way to get back home.
Sleep pretty darling do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.
Golden Slumbers fill your eyes,
Smiles awake you when you rise.
Sleep pretty darling do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.