Friday, December 11, 2009

Sebastian is 8 months Today

Sebastian is growing up so much. He is starting to let go of furniture, and he can stand without any support for a few seconds. He started doing this on Saturday, December 5th. Sobe also has his two bottom front teeth that started coming in about 3 weeks ago. He's letting Cedric know when he's not pleased with having a toy taken away, too. He absolutely loves his big brother. Sebastian will just laugh and laugh at him. They are so cute together! Sebastian and Cedric are getting excited about Christmas, and so is mommy and daddy. I can't wait to give my babies their Christmas presents. It's funny that Cedric is more interested in the Christmas tree than Sebastian. He pretty much leaves the tree alone, but Cedric seems he can't help himself and he likes to take the ornaments off. Both of the kids are sick, but slowly recovering. I think Cedric was awake for a total of two hours today. He's been running a fever, and he's had some vomiting. Poor guy! Sebastian has started with a nasty cough, but no fever. Get better quickly my babies!

Cedric sleeping away the yuckys!

Everytime Cedric would get sick and I would ask him if he was okay, he would say, "I'm okay." He's such a sweet boy. Also when he was weighed at the doctor today, he was 24 lbs. 10 oz. My little guy!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009