Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Let the fun begin... Posted by Hello

A Special Night

The time has come to set the stage for a new life that might soon come our way. John and I are going to start trying to have a baby. It won't be long until our Baby Boo is conceived, well...Hopefully it won't be too long. I have a feeling that we shouldn't have any trouble, but you never know. I'm very excited to start trying! John is going to be a great father, and any child we have will be so lucky to have him as a dad. I've been so happy with the way things have been working out for the past couple of years---I met a wonderful man who became my best friend and now husband. It is only normal that the next step is to go for the baby. Although at first it appears scary, I know it will be the best thing that happens to John and I. Baby Boo is coming soon to a Blog near you.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Another Birthday

July 29th marks the day of another birthday that has come and gone, and I am now 32 years old. It was my first birthday as someone's wife, and that is very exciting to me. My husband bought me a paper towel holder, but it is not as bad as it sounds. It is a paper towel holder with two cute bears climbing up on it. He also bought me a small, stuffed animal giraffe to symbolize the not too far off start of having a babyboo of our own. Lastly, he gave me a small Rubik cube, because I liked in when I saw it in the movie "Anchorman". He took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I received cards and presents from family and friends. I was watching my nephew, James on my birthday which was hectic at times. My parent's were moving to their new house that day, so I also had to house sit. It was a little much watching an active 11 month old baby and waiting around a house for furniture to arrive. I was so glad when the evening came around so I could spend time with my husband and to joyfully celebrate my birthday. We had a great time just being together!
On July 30th, we went to the movies to see "The Village". Despite the mixed reviews, we liked it. We celebrated on Saturday going to dinner with my parents and younger brother. We are also planning on going to dinner tonight with two of our friends. It was a very nice birthday! Next year, I might have someone else in my life to celebrate my birthday with.;) Hehehehe