Thursday, December 30, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR---2005!!!

"2005" is finally here! Well not really, since we have two more days but soon enough. I'm working on figuring out what I can do to make this year successful! My biggest goal for this year is to get pregnant. I really want a baby, and I want to be able to give Boo Boo a Baby Boo. John will be a great father, and I know we will be great parents for our future offspring.

Another goal I want to work on is doing more art. I've kind of slacked off in this area, and I want to change that. I already have one project I'm going to be working on for the Adveture Club Interpretive Christmas, but I need to do more.

I also want to give more to people and animals in need. This is a joint effort between Boo Boo and I. I know we can do this!

I also want to enjoy life more and not take things so seriously. It is a fault of mine, and I've been working on this for awhile. What can I say---I'm a work in progress!

I need to exercise more and stay in good shape, especially for Baby Boo. Unfortunately, that includes cutting way-way back on the sweets! I have to refrain from eating chocolate while I'm trying to get pregnant. Caffeine is in chocolate, and the experts say to cut back on caffeine when you are trying to get pregnant. I don't drink coffee or caffeinated soda so the only logical solution is to eliminate chocolate! So sad!

For now, that is all I can think of, but I think it is enough! If I come up with more to add I will...stayed tuned to see!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ross Family Christmas 2004
Everyone got together on my side of the family for Christmas---It was very nice! I was so glad that my brother, Michael, could attend. He has distanced himself for several years away from the family, but it seems he is making a turn for the better.
In the picture above we have:
Top from left to right: My mom holding Ariel, Kevin, & Michael
Middle from left to right: My dad holding Angel, Andy, Shannon(sister-in-law), James, & Chris
Bottom from left to right: Boo Boo & Yogi

Friday, December 24, 2004

Our 1st Christmas Married

Today is Christmas Eve, and Boo Boo and I are getting excited about opening our Christmas presents tomorrow. This is our third Christmas together, and I couldn't think of anyone else in the world that I rather spend Christmas with. I love my Boo Boo, and I love our little family we have with our cats. We hope that by next Christmas we can include a Baby Boo in the picture. Merry Christmas, Boo Boo!:)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Cimbi's Bath

There once was a kitty named Cimbi, and he smelled very bad.

You see, Cimbi has been wearing a cone around his head. The unfortunate event came about because he has been gnawing at his tail. The excessive licking and chewing has made him bald in the back and has caused open sores. Let it be known that we have taken him to the Vet with this problem, and they suggested the cone. We love our pets and wouldn't let them go through any pain. Just so that is clear!

Moving along---Cimbi was a very sad looking individual!

Cimbi stunk up a storm, because he can't clean himself, and Harmony will have nothing to do with this predicament. So Boo Boo and I had to give him a bath, so he can smell sweetly clean like all cats should. The End!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Reminiscing and It Feels So Good...

I just thought I would post this picture of John and I, because I think it is cute. This picture was taken in 2002 at Mount Rushmore. We had only been together for four months. It was so much fun, and I can't wait til we go road tripping again...This time New York! Start spreading the news...

I just wanted to Blog about the love of my life, Boo Boo. He is a very sweet and wonderful man, and he always makes me smile. That is all I really wanted to say...Oh yeah, I can't wait to spend my first Christmas as a married woman. Only 12 more days to go!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

John and I at my Christmas party at the Traildust Steakhouse.

Christmas Party #2

Tonight, John and I went to my Christmas party with the Goddard school. It was fun! We went to Traildust Steakhouse, and we enjoyed some good food. We hung out with Jessica & Jason and Kellie & Brandon. I work with Kellie and Jessica, so it was cool that we sat together. We also had an ornament exchange, and I received a ball ornament with a snowman on it and it said, "God Bless America".

It was fun, and I got to introduce my Boo Boo to the people I work with. Now he knows what kind of people I'm with everyday---ooooo, scary! :) Just kidding!

Christmas parties are done! Now lets celebrate with friends and family---whooooo...13 more days til Christmas!

Nintendo DS Failure

Boo Boo and I tried to buy, the impossible to find, Nintendo DS today. No luck again! We could possible get our hands on it, if Borders works out, on Friday. I called them today and they let me reserve two systems, so we will see. I made the analogy that trying to get the Nintendo DS is like me trying to get pregnant---Close but no cigar! Aughhhhh! Is it Friday, yet?!?

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yogi and Boo Boo at the Taliant Christmas Party. Posted by Hello

Christmas Party Weekend

Last night was John's Taliant Christmas Party. It was very fun! Much better than last year because I actually know some of the people John works with, so I didn't feel completely overwhelmed. Of course, my favorite thing all evening was the chocolate fountain....mmmmmm, yum.

Afterwards, we went to pick-up our car from the valet, and the guy couldn't get into the car. We followed him to where are car was and John's key fob no longer worked. Aughhhh! John's key only starts the car it doesn't get into the car, because he had the starter replaced a couple of years ago. John thought he could throw away the keys that actually get into the car, because he thought the new key to start the car would also work to get into the car. Yeah, he should have checked to see if the new key worked before he threw out the old keys. That's my Boo Boo!;-)

Anyway, long story short, we ended up taking the light rail to the Mineral station, and my mom picked us up. We didn't have our house key with us and thankfully my parents have a spare key. Errgggg....what an evening!

Today, we had to go to the VW dealership to see if they can make a new key fob. Well, they can't unless they have both keys. The guy we were talking to seemed a little overwhelmed (probably still new to the job), but another guy had a name of a locksmith that could help us. Thankfully the stars were aligned for us this morning, because the locksmith was close by to the hotel when John called him. The locksmith met us at the hotel, and he made a new key. All for under a hundred dollars. The locksmith had a cute miniature pincher in his van named Rosco. Very cute! Took some ease off the annoying situation that was quickly fixed. John and I were on our way thanking our lucky stars!

Tomorrow night is my job's Christmas party. We are having it at the Traildust Steakhouse, so that will be nice. Hopefully, John and I will have a little less drama at my Christmas party. :)