Monday, May 29, 2006

JCOS 35th Reunion

This is me at my 35th Reunion at Jefferson County Open School, JCOS. I realize I'm not 35 and obviously I haven't been out of school for 35 years. It is a reunion of all the graduating classes, since the beginning of the school. I graduated in 1990. The high school was originally in Evergreen, Colorado, and it was known as Mountain Open High School.

The elementary and junior high were located in Golden in a school named Tanglewood Open School. I started at Tanglewood in 1985 when I was in 8th grade. I had visited the school a year before to tour it, and I fell instantly in love with the school. I had hated school up until this point in my life. I was happy to finally find a place where I fit. A lot of people like me were into the arts....and I knew their was no other place I wanted to be.

This is Corielyn and me. I helped Corie with her play that she wrote, directed, and acting in. I also was on the Southwest Tour Trip with her along with Steve and Phil as the teachers. We took about 13 junior high students to Southwest part of Colorado, Arizona (Navajo reservation), and New Mexico. We had a blast!

During the 2000/2001 school year at JCOS, I worked as an aide and a Disabled Child's Aide. Steve Shaver, the secondary school psychologist, and the man in the back three over from the right was my boss. One of my favorite jobs!!!!

This is me with two of my favorite teachers on my graduation day---Bruce Andrews and Dana Orin (now Sutton).

This is a picture of me with Lauren Bogard during my graduation from Jefferson County Open School. Lauren is Jeff and Susie's kid, she went to Hawaii with us along with her brother, Logan.

This is a picture of me on the Border Trip when I was in 11th grade. We were studying the border of Mexico and the United States. The teacher I went with was named Brian...he was there at the reunion...great to see old friends.

Here is a picture of me when I was in 9th grade, I think or maybe 8th...can't remember. I went on the Navajo Work Trip with the junior high, at the time known as Tanglewood, and the high school.

I decorated a tile for the Tile Project they are doing at the school. The tiles will be displayed in the school in some way, they aren't sure yet. The theme is, "What Peace means to you?" The tile still needs to be painted and fired, but this is my mark and contribution.

Fish decorations created by the elementary school of JCOS.

A look at the inside of the school with people chatting away during the Ice Cream Social. Walking in the background is Corielyn Cummins, a girl I helped direct her play when she was a student and I was an aid.

A shot of the people who showed up the next day at the school on 10th and Wadsworth for the Ice Cream Social.

Me and my Boo Boo hanging out in the corner taking it all in.

An amazing group of people...very overwhelming, but great to see so many graduating classes coming together to share a common love.

Great way to introduce the Open School! This school has the greatest display of community and family...everyone's voice matters here and is heard!!!!

The original principal of the Open School is Arnie. I never had him for my principal, he retired the year before I attended the high school, but I have always heard great things about the man. He gave an enjoyable speech....I wish the same could be said for others but oh well.

Me with the JCOS retired secretary, Marilyn. She went on the Hawaii trip with Susie and Jeff Bogard. I was one of the students on that trip.

John and I had just arrived for the JCOS 35th Reunion taking place at the Belmar Center in Lakewood. I'm overwhelmed...probably the reason for the nervous look on my face.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chocolate Baby

Here is a cute picture of a little bear named George that traveled to California with Jackie and I in June of 2002. John let me bring George along, so I would have something to remind me of my love. He sprayed George with CK1 for good measure. This picture is from one of the Piers in San Francisco. Jackie and I stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get a picture of George with a large bear. We had so much fun in San Francisco! Can't wait to go back.

John and I might go back to California sometime in the near future. If we go, we will definitely have to see if this bear is still there with his "Gimme Some Chocolate" shirt. Mmmmmmmmm.....chocolate!!!! :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

News so Far

I had my Post-Op appointment on Friday, the 19th, to hear about what the doctor found and such. I have mild Endometriosis, a couple of small Fibroid Tumors(benign growths), and a couple of small cysts on my ovaries. This was the first time I heard about the cysts, which caught me off guard. Apparently, I had an ultrasound done 5 years ago to see if they could see the cause to my menstrual cramps. On the ultrasound, she could see a couple of small cysts, but they weren't effecting ovulation or my menstrual cycles. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome a.k.a. PCOS, the official name for cysts on the ovaries, can keep you from ovulating and having monthly cycles. Thankfully hasn't been a problem for me!

Anyway, it all comes down to why am I not getting pregnant, since none of my conditions should be effecting me in that way. Drumroll, please.....I have unexplained infertility!!! That is what the doctor calls it. Whatever! Apparently, this stuff must be having some kind of effect, because they can all cause infertility and I have them, so what gives. I don't get it! Maybe just being cleared of the Endo and having the dye run through my fallopian tubes will be enough to help me get pregnant. I'm very hopefully, and I know it will happen.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nintendo Wii

John and I watched on streaming video the announcement of the new Nintendo system called Wii. It goes on sale sometime in the fourth quarter of 2006. It comes out with a new Zelda game, so that will be very cool. Looks great! John and I will be waiting in line for the new Nintendo. It's going to be so cool! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........:)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's Finally Over!

All went well with my surgery yesterday. The doctor found some mild Endometriosis, and she removed it. She said my fallopian tubes looked great, and she doesn't see a problem with me getting pregnant. She said that even with the Endo amount I had, she said I still could of gotten pregnant. Obviously, it was having some effect, but I've heard that even just having my tubes flushed can make a difference, too. I'm so happy that all is great, and I'm really not in a lot of pain. My stomach is sore....I feel like a did a thousand crunches at once!:) I also feel a little shaky, but that is probably related to all the drugs in my system trying to leave. It won't be long until Operation Baby Boo is back on! And we'll all Float On okay-yay! The picture above is me with my new friend named Endo...John bought him for me after the surgery. So sweet...I love my Boo Boo! :x

If you want to see more pictures go here:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two More Days to Go

In two days, I will be going under the knife to find out what is wrong with me. I need to have a Laparoscopy done to determine why I'm not getting pregnant. I'm scared, but looking forward to it at that same time. I'm not sadistic....I just want to know what is wrong with me. I want it to go very smoothly, and whatever they fine they can zap away, so I can have a baby. Friday will be a very interesting day...a first for me as far as general anesthesia is concerned. I'll write about my experience when I feel better...until later!