Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stuck in the hospital and feeling bored.

 BabyName Ticker
If this baby is a girl, this is one name possibility. Melody is the definite first name, but John still needs more convincing on the middle name. I really like it. I like the meaning of Evangeline, and I like the song from Princess and the Frog. I think he will go for it. By the way, Evangeline means messenger of good news, and Melody means song. I definitely love music, and I could use some good news.

I didn't make a boy one, because John and I are absolutely stumped for a boy's name. I don't even know where to start. I guess if this is a third boy, it might just be seeing him first before deciding.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sebastian is 19 Months Old & I'm 26 Weeks Today!

Sebastian is 19 months today! He is getting so big! Sebastian started going to daycare on Monday for a few months while mommy needs to be on bed rest, and daddy needs to keep working. It's sad that he has to go to daycare, but he seems to be adjusting. It will be good for him to have the extra attention that he wouldn't get enough of at home due to the current circumstances. His teachers are amazed at how much he talks, and they think he's cute. It's the cheeks! :-)

Cedric and Sebastian are enjoying the first snowfall of the season. They like looking at the snow. Cedric was a little disappointed that it wasn't enough snow to build a snowman. All in good time my little guy.

I'm 26 weeks today, and I'm feeling much better that this baby is going to go the rest of the pregnancy. I have a doctor's appointment this Wednesday, the 17th, so I'll have a better idea what it going on with the placenta. I haven't had any bleeding or spotting since I left the hospital, and I'm feeling very good about that. I still take the medicine to keep the contractions away, and I'm at bed rest at home. It's not total strict bed rest. I can go on drives as a passenger, and I can eat with the family. I really just need to take it easy and not lift anything over 10 lbs. Sorry babies! I'm looking forward to seeing this baby again on an ultrasound this coming Wednesday, and hoping to have better news about what is going on inside. Keep hanging in there, baby!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

25 Weeks Today

Bleeding is getting so much better. I pretty much have nothing to speak of, so it's nice to see this going in the right direction. I have a 3d/4d image of the baby that looks so cool. I definitely see a resemblance to Cedric & Sebastian. I think this baby has Cedric sized cheeks, though. I've been told that if I continue to have no big bleeds, than I can go home on Sunday. I really hope I can. I miss being around my family. I still need to be on bed rest, but at least it will be in the comfort of my own home.

Something John and I thought we would never do, we have no choice to do now. Sebastian will be going to a daycare for the time being, since John needs to keep working. It's too hard to work and managed two children at the same time. Cedric does preschool in the afternoon Tuesday through Friday, so that will keep him busy. It's sad that my baby will be going to daycare, but he needs attention. Right now, I can't give that to him, because of my situation. It will be fine, and it's only temporary. He might actually enjoy being around other kids his own age all day.

I'm continuing to keep my eye on the prize, and each day the baby stays inside is a victory. :-)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Scary Times!

This pregnancy has definitely become stressful and scary. On Wednesday, the 27th I started experiencing some bleeding after going three weeks with no spotting. They had me go to labor and delivery, so they could monitor the baby and do an ultrasound. They couldn't see where the bleeding was coming from, I was having no contractions, and my cervix was closed. The doctor recommended having a steroid shot and staying through the night for monitoring, but John and I felt that was too much. The midwife was okay with us leaving and not getting the shot, since everything looked okay.

Fast forward to Friday, the 29th, and a whole different story occurs. John, Sebastian, Cedric, and I went to Cedric's preschool for his Halloween party. As soon as I started getting out of the car, I could feel myself bleeding. When I went to the bathroom, I had already soaked the panyliner I was wearing. I called the midwife, and they told me to go to labor and delivery again. This time on the ultrasound they could see where the bleeding was coming from. I had a tear in my placenta, and the doctor told me that this pregnancy could bevin serious jeopardy. I started crying upon hearing this. I was to stay on hospital bed rest for 48 hours, and receive the steroid shot. They gave me one that Friday, and they give me another one 24 hours later. It's precautionary in case the baby does come early, it will have a better chance of survival if it gets that head start maturity on it's lungs. Bleeding slowly improved, and by Sunday, the 31st I was only spotting mostly brown color.

John and I went home around noon, and I was instructed to be on strict bed rest at home. I was bummed I didn't get to see the boys going door to door for trick or treating, but I at least got to see them in their costumes as they were leaving. I stayed in the bed and watched television. John and the boys gor back close to 8pm, and we were all going to sit in bed and watch "How to Train Your Dragon". I moved a little bit, and I could feel the blood coming out again. Went to the bathroom, and I wanted to cry. I needed to go back to the hospital. No ultrasound this time, but lots of monitoring. Started having contractions coming every two minutes. They gave me medicine to stop that, and so far they have stopped completely.

My current prognosis is to be in the hospital on bed rest for at least 7 days. Most likely a little longer than that. The doctor wants me to have no spotting even brown for 7 days straight before releasing me to bed rest at home. It sucks, but if we can avoid the baby going to the NICU, that would be most ideal. I'm scared at the financial cost of all of this, since health insurance in this country sucks.

Anyway, stay in there baby! I want to hold you when you're born, and I want you to come home with us right away. Only 3 more months to go, so please hang in there.