Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sebastian is 13 Months Today

Sebastian is 13 months today. He started clapping a couple of days ago, and it's so cute to see. He'll be seeing his NY family is less than two weeks...Sebastian hasn't met them yet. I'm very excited to go to NY again. It's been two years since they last saw Cedric, and I'm excited about going to the beach. We plan on going to Jones Beach one day. Cedric and Sebastian will love playing in the sand.

My little guy looking so cute sitting with Ariel at grandma and grandpa's house on Mother's Day.

Sebastian doing his elephant impersonation. Sebastian will make an elephant sound and put his arm up in the air if you ask him what does an elephant say. He'll also growl if you ask him what does a tiger say. It's so cute!

Cedric and Sebastian sitting in front of the house together. I just love these guys so much.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Okay I admit that Cimbi and I haven't seen eye to eye for a long time, but I'm still sad to send him to a new home. My sadness is more for John, Cedric, and Sebastian. Cimbi has been John's cat forever, and the kids really love the cat. That being said, he has scratched Sebastian a couple of times and one of those times was on the cheek....way too close to the eye. He also scratched Cedric once when he was a baby. I don't want to take the chance that if we keep him that he doesn't hurt him worse like scratching his eyeball. Cimbi doesn't run away when he is annoyed by something like most cats do.

My mom helped me find him a really good home for him to go to. It's a woman named Sherri, whom she receives therapeutic treatment from every other week. She's an older woman who lives with two male boarders. She has no young children, and she has the time to give Cimbi all the attention that he has been longing to receive.

One of my attempts to get a picture of the boys with Cimbi, and as you can see it was a fail. Although Sebastian has a very cute look on his face.

Another attempt at a picture. A little better but still no cigar.

Sebastian and Cimbi together for one last time. Very sad!

And one last time....still a fail. Cimbi cooperated for all the pictures, though.

I'm sorry Cimbi I was a lousy mommy to you. I think between the vomiting and hurting Harmony was wearing on me, and scratching my babies became the last straw. I know that I wasn't as nice to you like I should have been. I found you to be more troubling than a companion. And for that I'm sorry....I would hope going to this new home you will finally get the love that you deserve and need.

Bye bye kitty....We'll miss you!