Friday, April 06, 2012

Melody's EEG!

Melody had her EEG on March 20th. It was a long day, and it didn't end too well for me, but that's a completely different story. Everything looked normal with her EEG. The neurologist did mention the idea of a MRI to rule out other possibilities, but John and I felt at this time it wasn't worth the risk or trauma for her. They have to be under anesthesia for it, and it just isn't worth the risk. If she does have another seizure, then of course we will go with the MRI, but for now the doctor is comfortable with our decision. Based on my own family history, they are comfortable that both seizures were febrile seizures, and not something brought on by epilepsy or brain tumors. Even hearing the words brain tumors gives me anxiety, but I'm comfortable believing that is not her problem. Phew, I'm so glad this is over for now.

As for me, I was feeling progressively sick throughout the day, and I ended up running to the bathroom as we were leaving. I picked up some stomach bug. Cedric wasn't feeling too well a couple of days before, so I got it from him. It made the run through our house, and I think I got it the worst. Although, John always acts like he is on death's door whenever he gets sick. Men!