Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Melody turned Three on January 12th!

Melody had a great birthday on her actual birthday of January 12th! She had so much fun from all the people that came to celebrate her special day.  That extraordinary night three years ago at 9:53pm when she couldn't just have an ordinary birth, she wanting to make a grand entrance that I don't think any of those doctors or nurses will ever forget. As John likes to say, she "jackknifed" her way into the world. She also couldn't wait to meet us, because she tried to come at 24 weeks/3 days and again at 26/27 weeks, but I was able to convince her to just hold off on making her entrance for just a little while longer. She agreed, and she decided to pick the anniversary date of John and I' first date to be her birthday. Although, she was 5 weeks/1 day premature, she has been a firecracker from the very beginning, and she won't let anything slow her down or get in the way. Here's to my sweet girl who is destined to do great things!

Melody had her three year appointment on January 28th, and she is doing great. Very healthy! She was 37 inches in height (50%ile), and 29 lbs. in weight (30%ile). Her weight was in the 15 percentile last year, so that is a great improvement.

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